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REST stands for Relatively Easy Success Technique.

In our busy lives today it is of the utmost importance that we get good quality REST on a daily basis. Our busy schedules at both work and home and constant information overload from social media and technology often make it difficult to get the REST that our bodies and minds need in order to perform effectively.

Stress, ill health, lack of energy, poor relationships and problems at work can be a result of our inability to switch off and REST. When stress and tension get stored in our muscles, there is an excess of stress hormones in the blood, and our adrenal glands become fatigued. This results in exhaustion.

What most people don't understand is that deep rest is an art form. Getting the rest you need is not the same as sleep.
Sleep is a passive process, deep rest is an active process in which you consciously relax your muscles, nervous system and mind.

Having a cigerette break isn't rest, nor is watching the TV, nor using social media. Deep rest happens when your mind is rested as well as your body. This will reduce the stress in your system and balance the hormones in your body allowing you to enter a relaxed state.

Deep rest can make you feel good and improve your mind set considerably.  You will eventually be able to rest at will, and an open, relaxed state will become natural to you.
Learn 2 Rest was set up to deliver relatively easy techniques that can help you to succeed in life.

You can choose to succeed using REST in many areas of life such as
  • Study,
  • Sleep,
  • SelfCare
  • Slimming,
  • Success,
  • Serentity,
  • or Spirituality.
Or, you can create a personalised RESTguided meditation.
A specific program which will be tailored to your individual needs and goals.

You can also attend a workshop that will give you indepth insight and education into REST and how to implement REST into your life.

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